SAM 8102 F1


SAM 8102 F1 is a very early maturing hybrid cucumber with a high yield potential. This is an indeterminate cucumber. SAM 8102 F1 is a Beit Alpha cucumber. SAM 8102 F1 is a parthenocarpic type cucumber. This cucumber variety has only female flowers. The exterior is thin with a smooth shiny dark green color. The length of SAM 8102 F1 is between 18-20 cm. The height of the fruit is 6 inches. The fruit is glossy and nearly spineless. The color is medium to dark green. Maturity is reached around 55 days.

Days to Maturity: 55-60 days to harvest

Shape and Weight: Cylindrical Uniform, 180-200 g

Rind: Straight, Glossy Dark Green

Interior: Green Color

Shelf Life: Very Good

Disease Resistance/Tolerance: Multi Virus Intermediate

Resistance CMV, ZYMV,PSRV, WMV, PM


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