SAM 4500 F1


SAM 4500 F1 is a hybrid type Italian adapted for open field, green house and tunnel. This melon cantaloupe is a medium production. The plant is vigorous with good foliage that covers its fruits. The shape of the fruit is oval. SAM 4500 F1 has a very good shelf life (LSL). This melon weights about 2-2.3 kg, with a small cavity. The flesh is thick and orange color. SAM 4500 F1 has a sweet taste and good flavor. It is ideal for open field and low plastic tunnel.

Days to Maturity: Medium
Shape and Weight: Oval shape, 2-2.3 kg
Rind: Tan with netting and ribbing
Interior: Flesh is thick, dark orange
Shelf Life: Good
Disease Resistance/Tolerance: F-0, F-1, F-2, Powdery mildew (Sf1,2; Ec)


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