SAM 4044 F1


SAM 4044 F1 is suitable for spring and summer plantation. SAM 4044 F1 has a light orange flesh with yellow netting skin. The flesh of SAM 4044 F1 is soft and sweet. This melon is great for storing and shipment. It is tolerant to powdery mildew. It is resistance to Fusarium wilt races 0 and Fusarium wilt races 1. SAM 4044 F1 has a higher yield compared to any other melon in the market. SAM 4044 F1 is ideal for an open field.

Days to Maturity: 75- 95 days to harvest

Shape and Weight: Oval. 1.8-3.2 gr

Rind: Yellow with full netting

Interior: Firm, thick with an orange color. Soft and sweet

Shelf Life: Medium

Disease Resistance/Tolerance: PM-1, F-0, F-1

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